Simon Scans review

Simon Scans

Being a bloke, I’ve always been a lover of the female form so as you can imagine, the prospect of looking at the very best in female figures wasn’t sounding too bad. Simon Scans is a pretty simple site with only one thing in mind – bringing you the hottest females on the planet and letting them get nude (and on some occasions, rude) in front of the high quality camera. If you’re still not sure on what sort of content these guys produce – check out the tour after but first, let me tell you about what you get when you sign up.

Once you’re inside the member’s area you’ll see a fairly basic homepage that has a list of every single archive date available. Simon Scans actually has content going all the way back to October of 2000 so as you can imagine, their archives are plenty big enough to accommodate for even the most addicted porn lovers. Anyhow, the site’s overall design is pretty crisp and seems to rely on the fact that it’s minimal to win you over – no one likes big clunky interfaces so naturally, I see this streamline browsing as a real bonus.

The content covered on Simon Scans is exactly what you would expect. The themes covered are generally based on the ideas of nudity and masturbation although from the looks of things, the latter is covered on very rare occasions. Not that this is a problem or anything – I think the sheer quality of the shoots and attractiveness of the models is enough on its own. Anyhow, the most recent picture content on is offered in a resolution of 1853 x 1236 pixels, although the quality does slip slightly when you go back to 2004 (1442 x 961 pixels). Sets can be downloaded in ZIP files or browsed with thumbnail archives and finally, videos are offered at 640 x 360 pixels with a 1 Mb/s bitrate backed in WMV, MOV and MPG format.

There are really no negatives that I can think of at Simon Scans. The girls are gorgeous, the content is tip top and these guys know the difference between high quality erotica and just good resolution images. The photographers know their stuff and it reflects well in their work – definitely worth checking out and personally, I think it’s more than good enough to sign up for.