Ass Masterpiece review

Ass Masterpiece

Ass Masterpiece

I’ve been told that there are two different stats your bottom can have for it to be considered ‘big’. Personally, I think every round brown piece of meat hosted on Ass Masterpiece is both 40 inches in girth and 40 oz in weight, though I’m sure there are some backsides that go far beyond that on this site. So what is Ass Masterpiece all about anyway? Well, it’s the place where big booty meets fat cock; these larger assed sluts take rods in their pussies and sometimes, if you’re lucky, in their buttholes too.

Naughty America is a rather large network of adult entertainment sites and Ass Masterpiece is actually one of their creations. When you sign up to Ass Masterpiece, you’ll have exclusive access to every other site on the network at no additional cost – quite a sweet deal when you think about it, as you’d actually have to spend 25 times the amount of cash you did hand over for the same amount of smut. As for the insides of the side, getting around Ass Masterpiece is simple and theoretically, the normal porn surfer could be inside and watching porn before the minute is up.

Now you’re probably wondering what sort of media is on offer and trust me when I say this, these guys know how to please their audience. Ass Masterpiece has its movies hosted in plenty of formats so naturally, you can dictate when and in what quality you watch your porn though personally, I don’t think anyone would go for something other than the 1080 / 720 HD format videos that can be streamed or downloaded. Though I do see that the iPhone optimized videos might be quite a tasty sight for someone who’s sporting that particular Apple product.

Naughty America certainly added another fine site to their collection when they came up with the idea for Ass Masterpiece. It’s really quite amazing – I don’t see why everyone on the planet isn’t signed up with these guys, they really have it all. I mean, if watching lengthy, arousing HD videos on demand isn’t your idea of pleasure then you do have something to argue with, although I think anyone, regardless of any other parameters, would absolutely love this site and instantly see it as the greatest thing since sliced bread. It’s got everything you could possibly want and it pushes itself just that little bit further – well worth checking out, definitely something to consider joining.

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