Asian 1 On 1 review

Asian 1 On 1

Asian 1 On 1

When you review porn it’s fair to say that a wide range of smut fetishes get stuck to your naughty pallet. That being said, I’ve always had Asian pornography as my all time favorite so as you can imagine, I was looking forward to reviewing Asian 1 on 1. So what is this site all about, you ask? Well, it’s clear-cut sex between a man and a woman, of which the latter is always ethnically exotic. Sometimes it’s purely vanilla, other times it’s got elements of BDSM, teasing and torture – in fact, the only thing that you can be 100% certain on is the fact that the babe is always Asian.

Now there are a few Asian porn sites out there and I’ve seen quite a few of them – regardless of the quality that I’ll cover later, it’s fair to say that the porn itself is raw, arousing and certainly everything an Asian babe lover could ever want. The scenes lasted for about 25 minutes length-wise and they all unfolded in the same fashion. One element that I did like was the roleplaying side of things; Naughty America goes out of its way to ensure a nice back story to every scene for both slapstick effect and realistic imitation.

Users will be able to enjoy the porn on Asian 1 On 1 by either downloading or streaming 1080 and 720 HD videos. The downloads are offered in F4V format with a hefty bitrate backing them and naturally, the stream is supplied in a Flash format. For those who aren’t too keen on using a lot of bandwidth, smaller resolutions are available and Naughty America does go out of its way to supply Apple geeks with an iPhone optimized format. The picture side of things isn’t as amazing as the video, but I don’t think anyone would turn their noses up to 1000 x 671 pixel photographs that are conveniently packaged into ZIP files.

When you come across a network of sites (Naughty America has 25 of them) that offers a variety of themes and 1080 HD format videos, you really have to take your hat off and realize that these guys are leading the development of adult entertainment. The Asian niche section of the network was top notch and all of the other fetishes on the network were the same. The bottom line is simply this: Asian 1 On 1 is worth joining.

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